Freeze/Water sensor problem RE-219

Hi -

last night my alarm went off while disarmed. This made me jump out of bed because it only meant one thing - burst pipe or fire.

In checking it out - the RE-219 sensor reported a freeze condition in the space it monitors. The sensor is mounted about 3 feet off the ground on a wood shelf made of 2x4’s with a wire running to the floor for the water probes. The room had a temperature of at least 50 degrees - I could not make a steam breath no matter how hard I tried. Unfortunately I have no way to measure the temp in the room - but let’s say it was warmer there than it was in my interior staircase immediately above the space (leaky 110 year old house!).

So the obvious things are - faulty RE-219 sensor; the wood of the frame of the shelves got so cold it set off the sensor (unlikely - it is wood after all) - or?

Is there any place I can look to see the technical detail of the alarm condition? I believe that once cold is achieved the sensor simply kicks relay open - so doesn’t report a temp. If this is incorrect, how can I find the temp?

Is there a way to set the temp to a specific level in the sensor?

Right now I have it disabled in the panel. After the alarm went off once and I investigated, I turned off reporting. It went off again 15 minutes later. At that point I disabled it completely.

Thanks in advance!

Temperature is not recorded by the re219, it simply signals when the temperature element detects a temp of 40 + or - 2 degrees, (per instructions).

Knowing this it is possible to test the sensor in an environment with a controlled temp. An accurate thermometer, a cooler, and a little ice could be rigged with the sensor taped inside. When the sensor goes off, check thermometer temp.

I do not believe you can customize the temperature settings, but I can inquire with the manufacturer.