Free ADC-V510 Camera

I have got a V510 camera, that I dont want. It works fine, nothing wrong. Its free, you pay USPS priority mail flat rate shipping cost $6.

Post response if you want it. Will use Google Wallet for shipping funds transfer (if you have a Gmail account, or an android device, or have ever used Google Play store, you have Google Wallet)

You will also need to obtain your own 5V 2A 2.1mm power cord for it. (they run approx. $5 eBay)

There is no mounting bracket included. Just camera.

I will take it. Rive, I will send you the funds tonight when I get home.

send me your email to :, and Ill tell you the gmail

I know someone already expressed interest and requested it, but in case they did not follow up I figured I would submit a post saying I am also interested.

V510 Cam no longer available.