Flashing Red Light Option

When the system is armed, the LED light turns Red on the main panel as well as the TS-1’s

I have a TS-1 in my laundry room that has an outside door that we exit when my dog has to go to the bathroom. We have tripped the alarm before because someone forgets the system is armed.

Is there an option where you can make the Red LED blink to draw more attention to the fact that its armed? It may also be a good deterrent as my panels can be seen from windows from the outside.

It would be nice if this was a select able feature as I wouldn’t want my bedroom panel flashing red unless we are on vacation.

If this is not a feature, do you think you could pass this on to 2 Gig as a suggestion?

There are no editable settings for this, but we’ll of course send along user suggestions.