Firmware upgrades via go bridge

Correct me if I am wrong , but can we get free firmware upgrades via the go bridge? I just installed mine. !!! How do we go about upgrading the firmware when needed?

Thank You

Since the Go!Bridge requires V1.12 firmware and we do not have newer firmware beyond that to which we can update, it remains to be seen officially. If there is no cost associated with the update to push through, then yes updates will be free. suretyCAM and would only push through expense incurred, so it depends on how 2GIG will offer access to updates via the GoBridge. I suspect and strongly hope that updates over the internet via the bridge will be at no cost, but I will update here once I’ve definitively got all representatives on record, or when it becomes self evident due to newly released firmware, which ever comes first. :slight_smile:

On that note, what is the deal with OTA and TS1’s?

I was under the impression that with 1.10, and newer, you couldn’t OTA a TS1 firmware update, that it had to be done via cable/4pin… Is that not so?

That is also something I’m waiting to hear back on for a definitive answer. I’ve been told I will have one by the end of today.

Official word from is that you will still need the cable with 4-pin extender in order to update TS1s, even if/when you have a Go!Bridge.

So…that kinda makes the free OTA update useless if you have a TS1…soon as 1.13 releases forum is gonna get flooded with “updated firmware via go!bridge, Now my keypad/TS1 doesnt work!”

Yes, OTA firmware updates are useless if you have a TS1. They didn’t used to be and then one day 2GIG decided stop allowing OTA updates for TS1 firmware. Their attempt at it was too unreliable and too many TS1’s were getting bricked.

Currently OTA updates have to be initiated by us, the customer can’t do it on their own. We try to check to make sure you don’t have a TS1 before we’ll initiate an OTA update. But just to be safe, don’t request an OTA firmware update from us if you have a TS1.

Installed mine and wow, everything is instantaneous now. Nicely done, 2GIG! This eliminates the single largest gripe I’ve had with the system (VZW coverage at my house is marginal).

Also curious to see how the firmware upgrades will be handled. I two TS1s… but as the TS1 updates are less frequent, the Bridge should still save quite a bit of hassle with GC Panel updates. My hope is they’ll allow for a push via local network… as I’d prefer to avoid the repeat calls to central station.

...OTA firmware updates are useless if you have a TS1. They didn't used to be and then one day 2GIG decided stop allowing OTA updates for TS1 firmware...

I think they may have resolved the (airfx) TS1 OTA firmware updates issue…

That would be great if they did. We haven’t heard anything about it but we’ll check on Monday.

The above TS1 (as shown in attached image), was updated OTA from v1.9x to v1.10x via airfx over cellular module

It should work based on the Airfx description, but as we have received some conflicting reports I have requested info from higher-ups at ADC as to current and future plans regarding OTA updates. (Both Airfx and GoBridge) Will update this post

Yeah, well my understanding is many of the ADC reps that answer the phones are about as clueless as they come. Ditto for much of the the tech support reps.

Policy and cooperative protocol questions are invariably the most difficult to get a solid answer to, regardless of the company asked.

Any joy on local updates via gobridge? v1.13 is out and would love to simplify the upgrade.

Awaiting word on this. Will update when we have official information.

Any word yet in how to upgrade via go bridge ?

Currently upgrade options are limited to OTA Push through and the update cable. It is the first firmware using the Go!Bridge, so I imagine new update options would be implemented for future releases.