Firmware Update

So I was watching the video on how to update the firmware via the update cable. when it says face the pin holes away from the com module, we’re talking about the slots on the side of the update cable or the actual 4 holes at the bottom?

Also, i have 2 4 pin connectors in the panel. One right by the com module and the other towards the bottom/middle of the panel. I should be plugging this in to the one right by the com module, correct?

The update cable will only be able to be inserted in one direction unless the plastic guide tab on the four pin connector is broken.

Yes, the one by the comm module and transceiver. The connector near the middle for me is a 5 pin.

Thanks Jason. Tab looked to be broke, but I can see now how the cable goes in.

The other one is a 5 pin. I just can’t count (drinking more coffee now).

So I got the panel to update, but I’m trying to update the TS1 and after I power it up, the update process never finds the panel. It just keeps saying “pinging”. Is the cable connection really sensitive?

The male 4 pin adapter works best when left angled and untouched in the four pin slot on the TS1.

Also, make sure you are using the TS1 version of the software, not the CP software. Both are bundled in the download from our site.

Got it! I was using the right version. The cable wasn’t holding the male connector well enough. I bent the pins a little to get it to seat in the cable better. Working now! I’m also holding very, very still!

I generally do not like the way the update process was implemented especially on the TS1. Here’s hoping the GC3 and its secondary panel makes the process easier when released.

Yeah, the TS1 update is a bit sketchy. Got it updated though!

Ok. Panels are working!

I ran a cell phone test, but I still can’t log in to my new account. Does that take a bit of time to activate?

Initial signals will need to register at the panel (there are commands that need to go through) so yes, it takes a short bit. Usually no more than 10-20 minutes.

All working now. Got the Go!Bridge working too. Only thing I’m not seeing is the weather on the panel. It still just shows the date and time.

Weather commands go through daily, typically will be sent after the initial setup commands. You should see it soon.