Firmware Update and Questions

I’m currently on a contract with Vector Security right now (switching to suretydiy in about a month or so) and it seems my panel has a proprietary firmware on it. The bottom right of my 2gig panel says vector and not GoPanel. Is it possible for me to update the firmware and still have the connection work with Vector for the next month or so? Or should I just wait it out?

Additionally, I did a factory reset on the panel so that I could have access to the installer toolbox. I was able to get everything back up and running (sensors, cell etc) thanks to this site!! I disabled Q44 and 45 (If I remember the question #s right). Will vector still be able to lock me out of the panel?

Once a communications module connects to using a suretyDIY account, commands are sent to unlock programming and default installer codes (opening panel to the user). This is standard, so it would be unlocked for use at that time regardless.

We cannot speak to the firmware used by other dealers. To be safe, only updating once you are ready to switch would be advised.

Works for me. Thanks for the help!


I was with Vivint and it had the vivint logo in the bottom right hand corner. This is an image pushed to you from based on who your provider is. It doesn’t mean you have a custom firmware.

Once I switched to SuretyCam I now have a suretycam logo inthe lower right hand corner.

Hope that helps.

That is correct, often the Firmware version used will be the manufacturer’s firmware.

Thanks. Yes that does help. I guess I’ll just wait to update the firmware anyway. None of the updated features in the new firmware will help me since the service I have with Vector is just for the monitoring. I don’t have any web enabled features right now.