Firmare update problem


I am trying to update to the lastest firmware. When I try to edit the target with the proper com port, it says "target box not valid, make sure the filename is correct. I entered it as it stated in the directions, a space, -c5…Helpp

I think I figured that out, it was the quotes, but not sure, as now when I plugged it in, it gives me another error, see screen shot.

I figured it out, how embarrassing…

It’s one of those things that can be super frustrating until it works and then it’s easy. It wouldn’t be any fun without the super frustrating part. Just make sure power and the update cable do not come unplugged during the update. The panel can become unusable if it gets interrupted during the update. We perform firmware updates with the power supply plugged into an UPS just to be safe.

It all updated fine thanks and I installed the new GSM and am now on under Surety (yaaaa, can't wait to dump the old company). Will update my devices names that are on the go panel? Currently they just have device numbers. Thanks.

The account should have pulled all your sensor names from the panel. If it didn’t, let me know and we can send a command to request sensor names from your panel. The Z-Wave devices may need to be named by you through your account. Go to emPower -> Devices, set the names you want and hit save. If you have several devices of the same type then you may have to send remote commands to each one and see which one responds to figure out which is which.

Ok thanks. I will let it sit for awhile and let them talk to each other,
I am sure it will be done by the time I get back.

Last question for today, the GSM I ordered from you came with an antenna.
The antenna portion that fits into the slot on the go panel is to long, it
won't fit in the slot. Am I doing something wrong?

The antenna is no longer supposed to go in that slot. The antenna slot in that location was a design flaw because it meant the antenna cable laid across the back of the speaker and when the module transmitted it would often make the speaker buzz which drove some people crazy and caused a lot of complaints. The best place to put the antenna is in the wall through the little hole in the backplate labeled “antenna” near the upper right. That keeps it away from the speaker.