Fire Delay or Verification

I’m a new suretyDIY Central Monitoring customer and had my first false alarm with my smoke and fire sensor. The fire department was dispatched and then I was called. At that point it was too late to cancel the alarm with the fire department. I’m working with the central dispatch to get a note on my account to call me first, but is there anything we can do on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 or side to give me a chance to intervene before the fire department is called? These false alarms happen every few months due to cooking or creating dust doing work on the house, etc. Like can I create a delay for fire alarms similar to burglary alarms before central station is called?


Happy to help!

No delay, of any kind, can be added to the alarm panel regarding fire alarms. A fire signal will be immediately forwarded.

Standard operating procedures can be found here.

It looks like this account does not have a location number or Two way voice enabled, which are the only two contact methods used prior to fire dispatch.

While we cannot add a manual delay to processing the fire alarm signal by the central station, we can set up special instruction, should you wish, to contact a cell user prior to dispatch. This will also, in effect, delay processing of dispatch

Records indicate that a temporary note has already been associated with your account via central station operators. This note has been made permanent. Should you wish to make any changes, please submit your request via the Secure Message Tool, for account verification purposes.