FE599NX & Alarm.com

I have a Schlage FE599NX paired to my IQ Panel 2+ via Z-wave. I’ve had other Z-wave deadbolts, but this one behaves differently as a keypad lever. When I use my user code to unlock the door, alarm.com records it as “Accessed by USER” rather than “Unlocked by User.” This seems to mean that it doesn’t trigger my automation to disarm the partition. Is there a way to change that behavior?

Also, I was having some issues with Alarm.com reporting that the door was unlocked after being accessed (and auto locked afterwards), when it was in fact locked. Any ideas?

Now searching specifically for FE599NX, maybe this issue has just never been resolved? It looks like similar issues were reported years ago?

Schlage in general has been pretty notorious for Z-wave compatibility issues in the past across multiple product gens, some tickets may or may not be related.

This thread is relevant to this question.

Alarm.com no longer lists the FE599NX on their supported devices list. The FE599NX is not compatible with the latest Z-wave radio versions used in Alarm.com modules and panels. It is only compatible with the older 300 series radios. Your panel has a newer 500-series radio.

Additionally, other Schlage models BE468 and BE469 are only supported if they were manufactured since December 2019.

You can try updating firmware to see if there is any improvement in functionality. Your panel is running a handful of versions behind the latest, and there have been some Z-wave changes. However, I don’t believe the issues with the FE599NX will be resolved.

Do you know if YRL236 will show an unlock status unlike FE599NX? I’d be willing to buy a new lock, but it has worked otherwise. I did try the firmware update, but I didn’t see anything change.

I’ll have to check on my BE469’s, but unfortunately I bought them December 2019, so my guess is I have ones manufactured before then. I haven’t noticed any issues with them, so I’ll leave them alone until I notice something wrong.

Yes, the Yale models on the compatibility page should accurately show unlock status by user.

I replaced the FE599X with the YLR236, but now the YLR236 seems to be stuck forever synchronizing. One of the user codes seems to be synced, but my master code seems to be stuck not syncing.

Also, I can’t seem to get that lock to appear as a lock used as an automation trigger in ADC.

Any ideas?

Seems to be the case that you can’t have the master PIN on the lock be the same as the master code for the panel.

However, I still can’t get that lock to be used as an automation trigger in ADC. It does seem to be okay as a device that is acted upon though.

You’re right, you cannot set the master pin the same as the master code, the Master Pin operates separate from the user code slots, and the master code of your panel is user code slot 1. You cannot duplicate the same code as a user and as the master pin.

I sent a couple commands to the panel and that lock is now reporting more info to Alarm.com, including the correct model and manufacturer. It was previously.

Always be sure to run a network rediscovery after adding new Z-wave devices and moving them to their permanent spots.

After about 10 minutes check again, are you able to set up rules you want to use?