Fan control wanted

I saw a fan control by Jasco that looks like its just on and off.

Does anyone make a fan control that has 3 fan speeds, and controls a light in the fan that will work with 2 Gig and ADC?

There was a thread where the Leviton was recommended, But I am not understanding how it knows the frequency of my fan (Modern Fan Company. Do I need to change a receiver in the fan?)

How would this work in the ADC interface? YOu would have a device for fan (3 speeds?) and a seperate one for the light? Seems clunky

No, I am not aware of any which control fan and light like what you are describing. Variable speed fan control switches generally are just for fan use.

A Z-wave switch doesn’t wirelessly control fan speeds if you have a fan with a receiver. It doesn’t communicate with a receiver like a dedicated remote that might come with the fan, the only ones I know of directly control power to the fan motor.

If your fan has an integrated light it would be separate and would require a 3-wire fan connection so that you have an extra load wire and another switch. does not officially support Z-wave fan control. I’ve used a Leviton one in the past, but based on your question I don’t think there is an option that fits, unfortunately.