Fan Circulate Issue (bug)?

I noticed this same issue twice now.

With mode off, and on circulate, both times I set the “circulate” to “auto” and after like an hour or so, I realized the fan was still running (like it was just “on”), even though the tsat mode was in OFF. The only way I was able to get it to turn off and go back to Auto, was to set it to “manual” on the 2gig panel, let it run for a short while, then set it back to ‘auto’.

Both times, circulate was actively operating the fan blower when I switched it to ‘auto’. So it is like it never got the off command from ADC.

Strange because the circulate settings should be local.

Circulate is local, the thermostat itself handles that, but sending a command to change the state is not.

I did some testing and I can replicate what you are reporting. Stays on if it was on during circulate when you switch to auto.

It will turn off if you subsequently change the mode and kick on heat or cool at the T-stat, then back to mode off. Fan kicks off after standard period.

I’m reporting this to ADC