False Alarm

It was a mistake by one of our employees. When I received the call to verify if everything was OK, I said this was a mistake and to NOT send the police. I was told they would not be sent, but they were sent anyway. In the future, how can we prevent the police from being sent for a mistake?

Happy to help! When an alarm occurs, and reported as a false alarm, the alarm system will still need to be disarmed by a user either locally or remotely through Alarm.com or the Alarm.com app.

In this case, the system was not yet disarmed and a second sensor was tripped later after the call you referenced. Operators attempted to contact again to verify but did not reach any user.

If not disarmed, a system will remain in an alarm state and any further sensor activation will immediately send additional alarm signals to the central station.

Should you be unable to disarm the system, you can also request with the operator that the account be placed on test mode for a short while until such time you are able to disarm the system.