Extend 900 MHz Range from 2gig Control Panel -> TS1?

Is there a way to extend the range of the 900 MHz transmitter from a 2gig CP to a TS1?

I have a 2gig TS1, already install in it’s optimal location. (Accessibility, etc.)
It’s placement is important as it’s in the vicinity of a recording studio, and needs to be far enough away to not interfere with recording…
but close enough for entry/exit chimes to be heard.

If we were to pretend that the TS1 cannot be removed from it’s current location…
Is it possible to extend the current range of the signal from the Control Panel?
(Even if it’s with another TS1 somewhere, or something like a z-wave signal booster, etc.)

Thank you all for your help - have been having a blast with these hardware installs!

Unfortunately that is one issue without a good solution. There is no way to boost the signal between the panel and TS1. It does not use Zwave for communication (similar MHZ band, but not the same signal.)

You may need to move the CP closer. One thing to try: I have been told by 2GIG engineers in the past that the signal strength of the 900 mhz transceiver is somewhat directional, and that best communication occurs through the front face of the panels. You might try a location close by which allows you to mount the CP and TS1 roughly facing one another’s direction.

Jason - thank you for your quick, thorough and accurate answers! Much appreciated!