Existing user upgrading 2gig GC3 cell module

I added the Verizon 4G GC3 cell sled into my cart, but I have a question since it also adds a monthly $17 service to the cart as well. I don’t want new service, but want to upgrade the module I currently have. Am I adding the right product to the cart? I don’t see any other options or how to remove the $17 monthly charge.

Are you making the purchase directly through the Storefront? That version will include a new service subscription.

Instead, login to your Surety account, click on Subscriptions, then on the Upgrade to 4G LTE Module button. This will allow you to purchase just the module.

After the purchase, a complimentary month of service will be placed on your active subscription as well.

Thanks, yes I was going through the storefront. I did it the upgrade way and it worked.

Wonderful. I can see it in the system too. Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information.

What is the process when the module ships? Will it be registered to my account and I just have to install it or will I have to request activation on it? Also when it ships will the old module be deactivated so I will lose cellular during shipping?

Once the module is received and installed, you can swap to it yourself at your convenience. This is done through the System Manager feature of your Surety account. You will enter the new module’s 15-digit IMEI number to start, then run a cell test at the panel to get connected.

Your current module will continue to signal until you do this step.