Entry delay questions

Hi. I have the 2GIG master unit in my master bedroom and a TS1 fairly close to two entry doors. The entry delay is setup for 30 seconds. That seems to be the lowest possible value. Is there a trick to making it lower, like 15 seconds?

My house is fairly small and it would be pretty easy for an intruder to destroy both units and continue with their criminal activity thinking they are safe. I realize the system will go ahead and alert me and/or the police but I think the actual alarm sound would deter them more than the entry delay sound and more than likely they would leave without taking or destroying too much.

If the entry delay can’t be made lower, is it possible to change the entry delay sound to use the full alarm sound?

I guess one option would be to add an additional siren and configure that to go off but not alert.

Hi Randall,

Unfortunately, 30 seconds the is the minimum entry delay allowed by the panel. Additionally, the built in siren for the panel cannot be configured to sound when the entry delay is going on. However, you’re on to something with an additional siren. The 2GIG panel does have an open collector output that can be configured to trigger with the entry/exit delay beeps.

To wire up a 12VDC siren to the panel simply wire up the + conductor with the + Terminal on the panel (Terminal 1) and the - conductor into the open collector Terminal (Terminal 4).

The open collector configuration is found in question 78 in the system configuration. There are a number of options available for the open collector and one of them is to sound during the entry/exit delay beeps.

Excellent. Thanks for the response! Seems like that open collector option will work perfectly.