Entry Countdown Timers

Since the Qolsys panel is my first alarm in more years than I can remember, I’m curious. Are entry countdown timers all quiet now, or is that something Qolsys just decided to do? Back in the day, I can remember hearing those beeps from pretty far away, where now it’s only audible within a few feet of the panel itself. I suppose if Qolsys has a suggestion box or forum somewhere, I’ll put that in as I’d like the ability to make it a bit louder if desired (also to drop the dialer delay below 15 seconds), but that got me wondering if it’s just the norm these days.

I just spoke with one of the lead developers over at Qolsys and this is the info I got on this particular issue.

Originally, the IQ panel had a number of different volume controls and speaker settings, but it became cumbersome to manage them during the early development stages so they reduced it down to one volume control for all panel functions. They are planning on adding additional volume controls to the panel in an upcoming firmware update (he didn’t have an ETA). Additionally, he’s looking into being able to remove the dialer delay.

So for right now, the only way to increase the volume on the exit/entry chimes is to crank the volume up on the IQ panel. The downside of this is that the voice on the panel will basically be yelling at you whenever you do anything.

That’s the interesting bit. I’ve got the volume one click from max, and even there the entry and exit beep is tiny. It’s almost like the sound file they have for it is just very quite rather than a good old fashioned beep. :slight_smile:

In either case that’s one reason I wanted to go with Qolsys. Figure the updates will probably flow pretty freely in the early stages of the product.