Enrolling PG9935

I am trying to enroll a PG 9935 with both reed and shock. Per guidance, I enrolled I first enrolled as Door/Window-M / reed successfully. When I try to add a second time as sensor type “shock” I get an error “Add fail - selected sensor input option already in use for this device”. How do I enroll both reed and shock? Thanks!

Ah, Apologies, Door Window - M is correct, but you only learn it once. Looking back at prior Instruction from Qolsys they use that - M for multifunction on the PG9935 and the second zone is not necessary.

Door Window - M should support both functions. Can you confirm?

I am only able to trigger the reed sensor (it works both on unarmed and armed). I don’t yet have the sensor mounted as I want to make sure it works, but I banged on the table it is on and picked it up and shook it and can’t trigger vibration even with the system armed. Any suggestions? Thanks

Shaking it won’t do the trick. Vibration from a hard object impact on the surface it is mounted to is how it will trip.

You can try pressing it against the intended surface and try tapping hard on the frame nearby with the handle of a large screwdriver or other firm object. Knuckles generally won’t do.

Increase the sensitivity level in programming to test.

Hi, I mounted it with the large sensor on the frame and magnet on the window and put sensitivity to high but can only trigger the shock sensor by hitting the window frame. If I hit the window (glass or wood part) it doesn’t trigger.

Is this working or should I change it so the sensor is on the window and magnet is on the frame?


Is this working or should I change it so the sensor is on the window and magnet is on the frame?

The sensor should be on the window. Magnet on the immovable frame.

Thanks. Just to confirm, I should flip these? It makes sense in terms of better picking up shock but is contrary to the install instructions that the magnet goes on the moving part

Yes, flip those. In your case there is very little outside frame, and your sensor is attached to the side casing, not a window frame insert. It will not have the same capability there.