Enroll Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch

Trying to enroll my smart energy switches. Activating power button on switch doesn’t make it appear on panel menu. I have checked installer options and they are set up for Z-wave. Any thoughts on how to proceed? I did use the switch with another software program previously but don’t believe this should affect adding to 2gig.

It will always affect a zwave device if it has been added to a network previously. The devices themselves pair to the network and cannot be added to another until removed from the prior networks.

This is easy to do. Simply select “Remove Device” first on your 2Gig panel, and follow the same procedure on the device as though you would add it. Then after the panel confirms a device has been removed from another network, add it.

Thanks Jason. Under controllers, I see a pC Z-wave controller of unknown type. This is presumably the Indigo Z-wave controller transmitting via an Aeotec Z-stick S2. I have tried deleting the devices and unenrolling the Aeotec Smart Switch using the Z-stick, but the controller remains in the 2gig panel. I suspect this is the problem.

It is easiest to simply use the 2Gig controller to remove the devices. If you are trying to add the Smart Switch to the 2Gig panel directly, use the 2Gig panel’s “Remove Device” function and press the button on the switch itself.

Worked great when within 3 ft. per your instructions. Thx.