Energy Meter not showing Data on ADC


I have a subscription with another provider and I am trying to figure out the Energy Management tab. I have 2 Aeotec Smart Switches learned into the panel which I can read real time energy usage fine from the panel. However I have not been able to see the data in

For starters,I was only showing the Goals, Usage, and Settings tab, so I called my technical support who seemed to do something on their side where I can see the Comparison’s and Power Use Now tabs. From there I was able to use the “Get a Reading” button from the Power Use Now Tab, which worked and provided me readings. I still do not see the Dashboard tab

So the tech support guy said that it will start reading data automatically and then the Dashboard tab will show up. Can anyone confirm if this is true. Or can provide any details on how this works?

Actually I believe the Dashboard will only show up if you have a whole home energy meter device. The Dashboard shows monthly projections and total usage, so without measuring whole home usage it would not have accurate info.