Energy Meter Data Incorrect

Updated firmware in my energy meter today. Data is not correct now. Can you please look into.

In order to better assist, are you referring to the information regarding the meter in the panel or are you referring to the energy readings through Also, what is the make/model of the energy meter?

I’m referring to the readings on They went from 500-700 to 115000-140000!?!?
This is not correct.

If the values are reporting incorrect, you may need to remove the device from the z-wave network, wait 5 minutes and re-add it in at the panel just like when you first installed it, be sure to run a network rediscovery when done.


Worked! Thank you. When possible, can you send history info for meter?
Thanks again!

Nevermimd, it worked first reading… came back 700w. Now it’s reading 4500.

Are you still noticing issues? The total usage being reported does not look out of the ordinary.

Jason, Everything looks good now. Sorry for the confusion. After i updated it was reading waaay high still. Checking after you said it looked ok, and it was. Must have corrected itself after a couple hours. Thank you for your help.

Is it possible for you to upload my energy history?

Unfortunately, the historical data is no longer available for transfer as it is only stored for a short amount of time after the meter is deleted then re-added.