emPower rules

Can i submit a modification request for the emPower rules section? That being to make the action selectable rather than defaulting and only allowing an open command during a disarm and close command during an arm? Its backwards of how i want it to operate, if im arming the system then im leaving thru the garage which means i need to open the garage not close it, would be nice if it could be automated, same goes for disarming the system when i get home, id like the door to close. Right now the functionality is backwards.

We can push this suggestion along to ADC, but I imagine there are some security implications which overtake the automation aspect.

Arming generally denotes you are intending to close up the perimeter of your home, and many users do this without ever touching their panel using the Alarm.com app primarily.

Disarming generally means you are returning or otherwise occupying the location again, so the door facilitates entry.

For security reasons, I am not sure Alarm.com would allow opening a garage door (similar to unlocking a deadbolt) based on arming a system. If a person leaves out the garage door, it is likely expected they are will be operating the door and want manual control of it. The rule as it is would be used more for arming the system and leaving through a different door, arming the system at night, or as suggested, arming remotely.

If there are enough requests to focus more on the automation, it may be added. The rules would need to be able to specify whether arming took place locally or remotely.

i can see it now. perhaps more customization for door control may be good.