emPower Rules w/Smoke Detector

I would really like to make a Rule in ADC to turn on all lights if a Smoke Detector or CO alarm is detected. Make sense> in case of fire while sleeping having lit hallways to the exit would be smart. ADC doesnt seem to trigger emPower devices from smoke+CO. any ideas or work arounds?

While Smoke and CO detectors are not available for activity monitoring and wouldn’t be able to trigger a sensor activity rule, I would presume it would be pretty easy to do so with the Alarm signals, however, you are correct, they limit this to intrusion sensors.

It’s definitely a worthwhile suggestion though, and I don’t know any reasoning why it wouldn’t be possible.

I’ll push this idea on to ADC and see if it is something they might work on.

Related to this, if I create an event that is triggered by an alarm, and I choose Event: Alarm - “Panel triggers an alarm” as the condition, will this be triggered any time that an alarm goes off? I’m wondering if I can set the lights for any alarm condition by using this test.

I agree with John that it would be really useful to be able to set rules for smoke+CO events. For now, I’d be happy with writing a rule that is triggered for any alarm (which might, among other things, light the hallways to the exit, as John suggests).

That would work for panic and emergency alarms generated by pressing and holding the corresponding emergency button on the panel, however it will not for fire, nor for life safety devices communicating to the panel.