Empower Rules Not Working After Caseta Integration

Perhaps it is coincidence, but ever since adding the Caseta integration my Z-wave rules/schedules are not working. None of my scheduled lights turned on or off from last night.

I have not heard of that as a known issue.

Have you tried deleting and recreating the automation rules?

Did you have any event triggered rules that no longer work? Or just schedules?

Can you try setting up a test rule, say when a door opens, turn on a light? Does this new rule function?

I literally just emailed customer service for the same problem. I integrated Caseta yesterday, none of my schedules for Zwave ran last night either.

If i have to delete and re-create all of my rules this will be pretty nightmarish, my schedules are few…but trigger rules I have many.

Customer service will post technical questions on the forum for us to address.

I wouldn’t go about deleting everything yet. Can you confirm whether or not event triggered rules also fail?

Ok, haha. That was my thread, I guess Skip works in customer service? That explains why the text was so deja vu.

If it is indeed an across the board problem with all rules, we can remotely rebuild all rules and triggers at once, rather than you having to delete everything if you have a very large number of rules.

I just want to be sure the troubleshooting is only applied to what is not working.

I created a test schedule to turn off the lights that didn’t turn off last night, that failed to do anything when the scheduled time came. I also tested some of my existing event triggered rules (lights on with motion) and those failed to work as well.

Alright, commands were sent to rebuild those rules and schedules. Can you test a few event triggered rules in a few minutes and let us know the results?

Most of my event triggers have time restrictions, however the one that does not did work this time (same one I tested but did not work in previous post). I will report back after the schedules should have executed.

Well that is a good sign.

Just wanted to confirm that the rebuilt rules are all working correctly now. Thanks for the help!