Empower Rules and Scheduling Not Working

I sent an email to customer service so please disregard that if you answer here.

I transferred service yesterday. I programmed automation and rules under the Empower page.

None of them work. Not the scheduled on and off times, or the rules.

I tried again this morning and made a new schedule and it does not work.

I can turn off individual devices through ADC website.

I’ve seen on occasion when a bunch of Alarm.com rules are programmed in within a short period of time they can interfere with each other while being downloaded to the control panel. The solution is usually for us to “resend” the Alarm.com automation rules to the panel. Are you still having this problem? If so, would you like us to try that?

yes, please try resending. I would hate to have to redo all the rules as I typed a bunch. Thank you

Will do but it will have to be Monday morning. 7pm EST Saturday is the latest we can do it on weekends because it requires help from ADC.

everything seems to be working so I do not need you to do anything with alarm.com.

I do have a new issue I will post in a separate thread though…