EMPower Device Not On ADC Homepage Or Android App

I added 3 Zwave light switches to my system and they are showing up on ADP as EMpower devices yet control of them on the ADP homepage and Adroid App isn’t there. How do I make that happen?

As a follow up my garage door opener and thermostats show up on the home page and app and can be controlled easily ffom there.

It doesn’t appear this is related to a suretyDIY account. Note that you currently cannot select which devices are operable from the home page of the app, so if you already have lights the new ones may not be located there. Tap on Lights to reach controls for all of them.

If you do not see the lights in your list of operable devices, you may need to have your provider update your equipment list through their dealer tools.

Thank Jason. You are a wealth of knowledge.