Electricity Provider Settings (emPower) on Alarm.com

Does this feature work? I select my power company, select my plan and enter the date of my bill and amount and i always get an error?

It sounds like you are referring to your Green Button Settings on your Alarm.com account.
What error message are you seeing?

Select your power company, select your power plan, enter your bill date and amount , click submit, you get a message … An error has occured, been going on for weeks

An error has occured, been going on for weeks

That’s not a very helpful error message is it?

Green Button is activated on your plan. As it is a relatively new feature not every Service Provider is a part of the program. Do you see a Green Button Icon next to your service provider after you select them from the drop down menu?

Have you tried doing this from a different Browser or computer/device?
Also if you can provide a screen shot of the error message that would be very helpful!
Lastly, is your Service Provider Showing up on the list or are you selecting “Other”

PGE Supports Green Button

Same error

I’m going to disable Green Button and then Re-enable it from your service plan. Please try to sign up again in about 5 minutes. Be sure to log out and log back in when you retry.

If I leave the bill amount empty it says, please enter a value, if I enter a value nothing happens…

So I think it doesn’t like certain plans, I selected the near bottom nem plan 2.0

It would appear that Green Button is functioning on this account now and it is beginning to populate energy usage data. Are you able to view this?