Echo Thermostat Control

For the life of me, I can not figure out how to control my thermostats via echo and ADC. Whether it be with home skills or “ask ADC”

Can you help me? Can you list all the thermostat commands for echo ?

via the smart skills, say raise or lower the temperature ; it will go up or down with 2 degrees…

There is no list, exactly. Regular updates allow Alexa commands to be more fluid and there are numerous ways to ask.


Alexa, ask to make it warmer.
Alexa, ask to raise the temperature. (Increases the target temp by 2 degrees F or 1 degree C.)
Alexa, ask what the thermostat temperature is.
Alexa, ask to set the heat to 72.

Remember you can login to the Alexa app and check to see the recent commands and what Alexa heard. It may not be hearing the correct instruction.

How do you turn the thermostat on and off, to heat or to cool?

Try “Ask to turn off the thermostat” or “Ask to turn on the AC” or “Ask to turn on the heat”

You can set the temp in the same action. “Ask to set the heat to 65”

not working. I think what is confusing it is I have 2 thermostat with different names. Hall themostat and Frant thermostat

Try “Alexa, Ask to set the Hall Thermostat to cool” or “Ask to turn up the Front Thermostat”

this worked.

I am assuming at this point that thermostats are not supported in Home Skills

As a Smart Home Skill? I believe that is still a work in progress, yes. Giving certain thermostat instructions without specifying actually results in “Sorry, [name of thermostat] doesn’t support that”