EC-FF345 not detected on IQ4

i’m trying to add a EC-FF345 to my IQ4 and it is not being detected on Auto-Learn Sensor setting. the battery is good because it lights up. any suggestions?

The ECFF345 FireFighter communicates on 345MHz. Looks like you have the IQP4001 which works with 319.5MHz and PowerG.

That device is incompatible with the panel. The SLX-AD-T3 FireFighter would be compatible and works with interconnected smoke detectors (not carbon)

it show to be compatible on the list.

The FF345 is a 345Mhz sensor. It will not work with a 319.5Mhz panel receiver. It is not compatible.

I hadn’t noticed that in the Qolsys sensors list, but that is an error on their part. It should not be listed in that section of the list.

It should be under the 345Mhz section. I’ll reach out and let them know.