Easy Updater for the GC2 Panel (2GIG-UPDV) availability?

2GIG states that these started shipping on Nov 23rd.
Any ETA for availability and pricing via suretyDIY?

Here’s a description for others interested:

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new Easy Updater for GC2 and TS1. Now you can quickly and easily update a GC2 panel or TS1 keypad without using a computer or incurring the OTA update charges from your backend service provider. The compact design of the Easy Updater fits in a technician’s toolbox and ships with firmware already installed for instant use right out of the box. It is ideal for a tech who is updating a system from a 2G radio on previously installed panels. Just update the panel using the Easy Updater and replace the old radio.

• Easy Updater for GC2 (English firmware preloaded)(1)
• 4-Pin Adapter for early TS1 production model
• GC2 Panel with Firmware 1.5 and higher
• TS1 Keypad with Firmware 1.8 and higher
• No batteries required, powered by the panel
• 4-Position LED Display for easy status updates
• Micro USB Socket for firmware upgradeability
• Start button to initiate the GC2 or TS1 firmware upgrade
• Sounder for status change notifications
• 4-Pin Adapter for early TS1 production model
• Durable, compact enclosure
• LED to indicate correct cable connection
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 2.32 x 3.70 x 1.00 in.
• Weight: .2 lbs.
• Housing Material: ABS Plastic
• Color: Black
• Compatibility: 2GIG GC2 panels and TS1 keypads
• Upgradeability: Via a Micro-USB cable (not included) with a PC running Windows 7 or 8
• Powered by the GC2 or TS1
• English firmware preloaded (other language versions available for download from dealer site)

At this time there are no plans to add this to the suretyDIY store.

For one time use (or rather one panel use) it does not provide much benefit. The attached cable is very short, and to add new firmware still requires use of a PC with windows 7 or 8.

Designed for people who are updating multiple panels a day to the same firmware.

Firmware v1.14 is a perfect example of when the Easy Updater would simplify upgrades. Flash the updater one time to v1.14, use it to upgrade the GC2 panel, then rotate to each additional TS1 panel (v1.14 requires a TS1 upgrade). I have 3 TS1s… so this would simplify vs using a laptop.

Easy Updater