I had service with suretyDIY but had to cancel when I moved. I took the old 2GIG system with me. The house I moved into has a DSC system in it. I had problems with the wireless smoke detectors giving false alarms, so is it possible to use the hardwired fire detectors with the 2GIG system? Or am I limited to one system or the other? What would I need to do to start service again?

Unfortunately, hardwired smoked detectors (that is, low voltage smokes connected to an existing alarm system) will not be usable with your 2GIG system.

That said, do check to see if you have instead interconnected hardwired high voltage smoke detectors (AC 120(110)) because if this is the case, you can use the Firefighter smoke alarm detector, which does not itself detect smoke, but relies on the hardwired unit to sound, initiating the alarm.

To use the other wired sensors of the existing system, a Takeover Module is needed.

If your DSC system uses a number of wireless sensors, you can use a Resolution Products wireless translator.

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