DSC PG9974P mirror motion

Jason et al,

Do you have any experience with the DSC mirror motion detector? I currently use the standard PG PIR motion but it doesn’t quite reach the span across a large room. It appears this mirror motion has an additional 10ft of operating distance and keeps the 90degree spread.
Any thoughts?
I also noticed there is a dual tech PIR microwave motion that also works up to 50ft. Any experience with this one?

I haven’t used those models extensively to comment, but I would expect either to meet your needs.

I will say that in general, dual PIR and Microwave detectors generally have the best reputation when it comes to false alarm prevention. I usually prefer these, but they can be pricey by comparison.

Both the PG9974 and the PG9984 are listed as compatible models in the Qolsys official documentation.