DSC PG9307 Recessed contact sensor in the IQ2+

Have you noticed this issue again or is it still working normally at this time?

Seems to be working just fine at the moment.

Ok. If you would like to test again, try adding a PowerG device and see if there is any period of time where it is sluggish and if that levels off after a while.

I wouldn’t expect it, but it wouldn’t be hard to test for again.

Please let us know if you notice this happening further with that sensor.

Sensor is again slow to respond. Is there any way to trouble shoot this? I wonder if there is an issue with the sensor itself.

Considering they are recessed sensors I am not sure how easy this would be, but in a situation like this I would recommend trying to swap the positions of the malfunctioning sensor with a known working one.

If the working sensor starts showing the same error, it is pretty definitively an error related to the location/environment, if the currently malfunctioning sensor starts malfunctioning in the new spot, it is pretty clearly the sensor itself failing.

Ok I’ll try it. It actually would be pretty easy as the outer casing is fixed in the doorframe, but the actual sensor component slides out (like if you had to change a battery).
I’ll swap the two sensors and see what happens.

Swapped the sensor internals with a known good unit. Same issue, which points to an install location issue.
On the install in question, I was forced to mount the sensor vertically, with the magnet mounted on the top of the door and the sensor mounted into the top of the door frame (header) which is several 2x4s.
The thick wood immediately surrounding the sensor must be impeding signal to the panel. What’s interesting is that despite a delay to the panel (and corresponding chime), the signal does eventually get to the panel, albeit slower or occasion.
I believe that since the signal of the opening of the sensor does get to the panel, I do not need do anything further to correct the issue.
My concern was the possibility of someone opening the door, entering the home, and quickly closing the door prior to the chime. It appears however, that the signal of the sensor opening will get to the panel and trigger an alarm.

Jason, any thoughts? Do you believe it is worth trying to mount the sensor in a different location (or reinstalling the PG9303 surface mount sensor that had no issues)?

Interesting addendum: after reinstalling the sensors to their original locations, both are behaving in a “lazy” way in that they have a delayed chime at the panel. Perhaps there is something to the “stabilization” theory.

Addendum 2: everything is working perfectly. You would think a location/signal issue would be constant and not intermittent, but here we are. Considering it seems that signals are reaching the panel regardless of 20sec delay (or closing the door prior to a chime) I think there is no corrective action needed. It just doesn’t instill confidence when a sensor chimes well after a door is opened and closed.

This is extremely strange. I don’t know of any specific lethargy to expect from the recessed sensor, and Qolsys doesn’t think there should be either.

Recessed sensors are the most likely type to be affected by the immediate environment as far as attenuation goes, but that is usually specific to metal doors. Other issues can be intermittent.

One thing that may be relevant based on your description, PowerG sensors have an adaptive power feature meant to extend battery life which uses only as much power as is necessary for communication with the panel. It may actually be that those sensors are taking longer to set that properly.

Old post, but I am just circling back, curious if you experienced any more of this issue.

Were all affected sensors in zones 1, 2, or 3?

There was a previously resolved issue with delayed activation on those zones but the PowerG radio version you already have resolved that.

I still see intermittent delays in only one sensor location. I’ve swapped in another sensor from a different door and the intermittent delays still occur. Therefore it does seem to be a location issue rather than an individual sensor issue.

Did you relearn the new sensor into the same zone number? What zone number is currently giving the trouble?

Back door is the trouble location

Ah, alright, just wanted to be certain it isn’t possibly related to that prior issue. It wouldn’t be. (that’s zone 62)

As a test I would try a surface contact on that door if recessed are giving trouble.

Another option, which would be more effort, but might be the best idea if that spot is being especially troublesome, is to use a wired sensor connected to a wireless transmitter.

The original sensor for that zone was a surface mount (PG9303) which worked without issue. I replaced with the recessed contact for aesthetic reasons. The wired to wireless transmitter would require the transmitter to be in plain view? I’m thinking of a sensor with an aux output that would wire to a recessed wired contact. But perhaps there is a better way?
All in all, I’m ok with the intermittent delay, mostly because even with the delay, the panel seems to acknowledge the sensor opening.

I’m thinking of a sensor with an aux output that would wire to a recessed wired contact.

Yes, that was what was meant by the suggestion of the wired sensor to the wireless transmitter. The transmitter can be hidden as much as possible, wherever you can get the wire to, although that’s going to depend on the location whether or not you can hide it.

Circling back to this-- the issue still persists to the point I feel I need to work on a resolution. Based on photos I took of the install location during building construction, it appears I’ve installed the sensor directly into a very large header over the door frame. Maybe this is causing an issue with signal transmission. Ive decided to install the sensor on the vertical edge of the frame (a few feet off the ground) to see if that resolves the issue. If not, I will probably install a wired contact, snake the wire through the wall and attach it to a wireless sensor with an aux input. I believe I could hide the wireless sensor within the interior plantation shutters to keep the clean look.

This issue seems to be resolved. Moving the sensor out of the 3ft thick header above the door and into the 3 or 4in stud/door frame allows the signal to reach the panel unimpeded. I have not noticed any signal delays as of yet.

Thank you for following up and confirming! Glad that worked for you.

Having the same issues and both my sensors are installed in the top headers. Did moving them provide a permanent fix? Any issues since?

Yes, moving them permanently fixed the signaling issue. They’ve worked perfect for almost a year now.