Dragonfly video alarm

Hello , does anyone have experience with the dragonfly video verification alarm system? The system sounds great will result in a priority dispatch, but how does the CS determine if it’s a real threat or just a family member in house or neighbor , pool guy etc in your yard? Wouldn’t there be a lot of false dispatches ? I’m talking the premium service where video is automatically sent to dispatch, versus where u decide to press dispatch

Apparently this product is geared towards dealers ,although a consumer can purchase from website from what I read a consumer would need to have it set up through a dealer for Monitoring ? website states contract is between you and your monitoring company , I take it they don’t provide their own monitoring?Does suretydiy support this product?

Does suretydiy support this product?

suretyDIY is an Alarm.com product and service dealer. We do not currently support monitoring through alternate back-end services, no.

Wouldn’t there be a lot of false dispatches ?

Possibly. There appears to be no verifiable intent of entry with an outdoor unit.

An additional reality of a system like this is that adding steps to the process can slow everything down.

The recording takes time. The transfer takes time. The alert takes time. The decision takes time. The monitoring response takes time.

This appears to be, essentially, an Alarm system made up of nothing but Image Sensors.