Doorbell Trouble Shooting

My 2gig wireless doorbell keeps going off, with no one pressing it… whats my next step to trouble shoot it?

Is this a new doorbell? If not how long have you had it? Has it always malfunctioned or did it work without incident for a time?

You will want to verify that it is programmed using the proper loop number. For a dbell1-345, that should be loop 1.

It seemed to work great for about 2 months, Then it started happening maybe once or twice every now and again. It has been in place for about 4 months, then last night it went off about 12 times from 2am - 8am. It is in a dry location where it can not get wet. However, it’s raining now. So weather could be a factor. It works when you press the button firmly and get the (click feel), So the button it self is good.

I will check to make sure its in loop 1 in just a bit.

Door Bell is REV B

If water does get inside, it is possible to corrode or otherwise damage the components. If you are certain this is not the case you can check for physical defects. The doorbell is an extremely simple device, mechanically. There is an offset button on the board depressed by a peg when you use the face button. You could inspect the small button, it should have a firm resistance and snap back when released.

It is in a dry Location where it can not get wet… Really, I mean it.
The bell it self looks brand new still inside and out. Like the day it came out the box
It works when you press the button firmly and get the (click feel)… And snap back
So the button it self is good… Really, I mean this too.

Loop is set to 1

Have you had any other notifications from this sensor, such as low battery reports? Also what is the firmware version of the 2Gig Go!Control panel? If you have a multimeter or other way to test battery voltage, you could try that, although I do not believe even under strange circumstances a low battery (or borderline low) would cause this kind of response.

Unless someone is physically pressing the button, if it is intermittently chiming for that zone then you are most likely looking at a defective doorbell. Did you purchase this from suretyDIY? If not you’ll want to contact the seller.

Are you getting an error/malfunction, or a voice/chime notification?

Look in panel history.


Verify the programming is correct:

(23) no response (1) contact (1063) DBELL1 serial (0) new equip Loop (1) 1 (0) disable dialer delay Voice descriptor (0) report disabled (1) supervised enabled (1-13) for chime/voice


do a walk test, and verify signal…receive 4 or 5 green bars?


  1. No malfunction
  2. Programmed properly
    3.walk test/good signal

If all pass,and problem does not resolve, then consider replacing DBELL

(23) no response
(1) contact
(1063) DBELL1-345 2gig doorbell
my serial#
(0) new
Loop (1) 1
(0) disable
(0) report enabled - Yes I know that might be strange but this is not a full time residents for us so its nice to know when a package might have arrived.
(1) supervised enabled
(1-13) I’ve got the ding-dong w voice :slight_smile:

Walk test…
Everything has Full Green Bars, except Keypad 2 - which has weak signal. That was my next trouble shooting project. Could that problem be related? Not sure why it has week signal either, There is a z-wave dimmer right next to it, and about 10 ft away a z wave thermostat. Ideas?

The Keypad, whether TS1 or PAD1, is not Zwave and will not have its signal improved by any other device. It would communicate directly with the Go!Control panel.

This would be likely unrelated in any way to the Doorbell

If it is a TS1, signals travel best through the front of the keypad and Go!Control panel, so if they are roughly facing away from each other at a decent distance, that may account for a weaker reported signal.

Ok, sounds like I’m going to order a new bell :frowning: Anything is better than it going off all night. I might be a touch grumpy today -

The remote is a TS1 - and it strange as it is relatively close to the main unit. The whole place is a whooping 900Sqt condo. The main unit is by the front door and the TS1 is on the second about floor 17 ft up and maybe 15 ft into the room. I would think that would be plenty close for the remote. Maybe it needs an antenna?

I just added to the above post. If you have the TS1 on a back-stand and not wall mounted it would be easy to test. Try to face the GoControl panel with the front of the TS1. This will typically improve signal.

They are at 90 degree off set.

It’s mounted at 90 degrees, it a wall mount? - and it just lost complete signal and alarm co just called me. Crazy day with the alarm.

It is always possible the transceiver may be the root cause, but you said this was Keypad 2, does that mean you have another one?

What firmware is panel running? If multiple devices are malfunctioning, then it suggests an issue with the XCVR2 or the panel.

I will be back to the condo until monday, The whole system is 4 months old, The Firmware was current when installed as I had to upgrade the TS1 to match, before it paired. I only have 1 TS1 - The name for it in the system is Keypad 2.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that you did not install system per manufacturer’s recommendation. The range is also line of sight, and going through walls (depending on type) can greatly reduce/impede signal strength…then there is the possibility of 900mhz radio frequency interference.

That may explain the TS1. As for the DBELL, I suggest you replace it, and see if problem resolves.

... The whole place is a whooping 900Sq [f]t condo. The main unit is by the front door and the TS1 is on the second about floor 17 ft up and maybe 15 ft into the room...