Doorbell (skybell) ADC-VDB105 picture problem

Well found my problem. Found water green corrosion under the battery on the circuit board. hope this new door bell is going to be out soon.

As far as I know it is in the later stages of testing so should be available relatively soon.

@jwcsurety Jason I found something interesting last night. As you recall I found water damage on my old door bell. Waiting for new design from I found use unit on ebay for $30 so i purchase it to have something for now. I installed and found that picture went back to clear and everything was good until I upgrade firmware. Door bell came with 3050 and 3052 was available. Once I update firmware picture went to be a blur and just bad. So yes I had water damage but I think picture problem is in a firmware. Just an FYI let me know what you think

It is possible, I wonder if there is something in the firmware attempting to compensate for lighting changes/etc. that might affect the image.

I’ll let ADC know what you noticed. Is there any difference if you reorient the image? Try facing it in a different direction temporarily, any effect?

@jwcsurety Jason so like i stated in my post it was fine when it was on 3050 and now is back to blur with 3052. no changes when you stand in front or with different angle of the light. I compare my picture quality on the same object that was perfectly clear before 3052. hope that helps

Alright, I’m creating a ticket and seeing if ADC can recreate this. Will follow up with an update.

@jwcsurety thank you Jason!

If you lower the Image quality in Video Device Info do you notice a drop in quality? Try dropping it to the lowest setting.

So, we’re not able to replicate this, and going back through this thread your original doorbell wasn’t on 3052 when you reported this. It was on a previous firmware. Likely 3050. You updated the firmware during the course of troubleshooting.

I don’t think you are seeing firmware related causes here. 3052 only had changes regarding motion detection.

I know we have gone over this previously in the thread, but I have to point out again that this doorbell is currently reporting bad wireless connection quality.

Objectively, the signal quality above 90% is what we are looking for for best quality. Your Skybell is reporting 78-83%.

There is an absence of other potential causes that I can see. The upload speed you mentioned previously is well above what is required.

The wifi connection quality requirements on the Skybell are higher than other cams. This can catch users off guard and has been a point of frustration with Skybell models. Brick is very good at attenuating the signal.

The future ADC model is coming with dual antennae for better wifi connection.

One thing I would like to test is the visible quality difference between the three compression levels.

Can you submit an image for each showing highest settings, medium settings, and lowest settings?


As I stated few post back. I purchase a use one from ebay that was on 3050 we are not talking about same doorbell anylonger. BEFORE update to 3052 picture was perfect.

I know we are talking about two doorbells. The original, same concern also occurred on the previous version, 3050.

The thread was created on 7/5 about your prior Skybell about blurry image.

On 7/8 you then updated that to the latest firmware (3052) here.

Additionally, I simply cannot recreate this on 3052, at least comparing to the image you originally posted as an example.

Yes, if you can supply images from the Skybell which show high, medium, and low settings right now it might help identify what is going on.

Ok just want to be sure that you are aware that they are two different bells. My old one had tons of water corrosion inside.

@jwcsurety sorry was little busy but here is a picture of 3050 and 3052. i did try to change quality and it just gets worst on lower setting.

Picture with door open in @3050 firmware. please look at the tree that is circle its way more detail then other picture that is @3052

What happen to firmware 3058 that was release and pull?

Would you mind re-uploading images without the circles?

Also can you upload both a saved video clip image and a live video stream image of the 3052 it is on now?

Also, please supply images on all three quality settings for 3052. We will need that to provide ADC

@jwcsurety I will try over the weekend.

@jwcsurety Jason, here all 3 images in different quality on 3052. I don’t have other pictures saved without circles around them. I only had one on 3050 that I’m also posting.

Thank you very much, that does help a lot with visualizing what you are talking about. One last image that will be very helpful while discussing with ADC:

Can you post a screenshot from a saved clip using 3052 “Best” quality? (the current ones are all live streaming screenshots)

Great, thank you very much! We will go over these and discuss with ADC!