Doorbell Camera Install Issue

Forgive me as this is probably a noob question. I am reinstalling my ADC-VDB770 doorbell camera. The device goes into pairing mode, and I go through the process of adding it onto my WIFI network. Once that is complete I go to Add Video device, but it is not showing up. I enter the MAC Address and it cannot be found. The steps prior all seem to have gone as they were suppose to. What am I missing?

I do not see a Surety subscription tied to this user, do you use Surety as your service provider?

Be sure to verify with your provider that your account has Video Analytics required for use of the VDB770. And be sure that you are using a device on the same network as the camera when trying to find it.

Instructions on how to add the VDB770 to your network successfully are described below. Double check these steps before trying again: