Door sensors slow to react

Two of my 4 door sensors are very slow to respond. The back door and front door. These are the door sensors that are closest to the panel. Any suggestions?

It looks like these are DW20 recessed sensors, is that correct? To clarify the issue, do they take a while to report after the door opens? Does the door need to be opened further than normal for them to report?

Are these metal fire doors?

Just to be sure, are they installed on the handle side of the door?

They are the recessed sensors. One is in a metal door one is a wood door. The door has to stay open a longer time before I hear the voice saying door open. With the garage doors(both metal) the voice is almost instant once door is opened. The back door and front door have to be open for 30-60 seconds before notification.
They are installed in the hinge side of door

Well, that would cause problems. The magnetic sensor is intended for installation on the handle side of the door. Plunger type recessed sensors are installed hinge side, but with a magnet and a definitive magnetic gap that needs broken prior to activation, hinge side installation will not reliably work.

See the installation manual image here.

The door sensors should be able to activate when the door is only open a couple inches.

Thanks Jason, that fixed the issue. They are easier put in than to take out, by the way. lol I’m the type of guy who likes to put things together if they don’t work, then read the instructions. haha.