Door sensors activating garage door opener?

Has anyone experienced this. My garage remotes suddenly lost all their range, even after a battery change. So I decided to re-learn them. After going through the re-learn process imagine my shock when I opened the garage entry door and my garage door started going down. This is very repeatable. I then tried my front door and got the same results. I have cleared all the “remotes” from my garage door and then try re-learning the remotes and the same thing continues to happen. I have shut down the IQ panel and still the door sensors will activate the garage door. I know the garage door operates at 318 MHz and the sensors operate at 319.5 MHz, I can’t for the life of me understand how this is happening. For now, I have un-learned all remotes for the garage door and put it in vacation mode. I would appreciate any insight anyone might have.

I have never heard of this kind of issue reported, and instinctively it doesn’t make much sense. I would have expected a bit more than just the frequency is needed for pairing, and even if they could be recognized, the sensors would need to all be activated while the overhead is listening for new remotes to add during its setup/pairing process in order to later control the door.

So that we can best assist, what is the exact model number of that overhead controller?

The model is Linear LDO50. AS an update, I have resolved the issue. I made a “shield” out of aluminum foil to block the signal from the direction of the doors and panel. With it in place I was able to clear all the “learned remotes/sensors” and learn the two remotes only. I have not had any issues since then.
Trust me, I am confused as well about how the sensors or panel could have been learned, especially since the garage opener should be using a rolling code.