Door Bell Issue

I have had my video door bell for about 2 years now and up until last month have never had an issue. However, it now is disconnecting every several days. Are you able to see on your end prior to disconnection if it is showing anything that would be causing this?

There is nothing in history indicates why the camera is not connected but pings to the camera are failing.

You may need to power cycle the camera in order to get it to connect.

Has your router changed recently, or has it been moved farther away from the doorbell installation location?

Thanks i wasnt sure if it showed signal strength or not from when it was working. Location and everything has been the same since installed. Power cycled last week and it lasted about 4 days before it went down again. I will reset when j get to the house again. Thanks

The most recent normalized signal strength reports as 87% (which should be strong enough) but this was from 10/28.

Finally made it to the location where it is installed. When i arrived the doorbell was not illuminated with any colors. I pushed the button and it lit up and immediately connected to the system. Is it alaways suppose to be illuminated, and if so what would cause it to go dark?

LED on skybell slim should not go dark unless the unit loses power. Pressing down on the button may have reconnected the camera to power.

Check to make sure the Skybell is wired correctly and that the internal battery is not bloated and causing the camera to push away from the back plate.

Thank you i will checkā€¦Can the internal battery be replaced and if so do you have a link or type of battery that needs to be purchased. does not sell a replacement battery nor do we have access to one through distribution. You may be able to reach out to SkyBell as they are the manufacturer but I have never seen the battery for the slim for sale.