Door Bell and Chimes

Hello I purchased and am installing a 2gig door bell. I have chimes muted as I do not like hearing when windows and doors are opened. I apparently need the chime in order to hear the door bell. If I change the chime setting to disabled on all my sensors, will I still be able to hear them when doing a walk test?


Walk test will report all sensor names when activated.

Thanks. I installed the door bell, audibly it is working fine, however my notification is not working and it doesn’t show up in the history. Can you take a look to see what I entered wrong…thanks

Make sure you have selected recipients for the notification.

That’s weird I thought I had picked a recipient when I set it up. Anyhow I did so, however now the door bell is not showing up as a choice under sensors.

Also make sure that the sensor is chosen as an activity monitoring sensor. If you just made the change recently, it may take a little while to reflect this on

Since this is a real-time sensor status notification it will require Activity Monitoring

That I didn’t know…Thanks