Do I need to upgrade firmware 2Gig Go!Control

I checked my module and it says I am set to go, do I need to update my firmware. I am coming from a CPI Security monitored system. Inside is says firmware 1.13

I should add, I just wanted to be sure about needing to buy or not buy the special cable.

Firmware update would be required only in the case the communications module needs it.

The LTE 4G module requires 1.17 or later.

If you are not using an LTE Module, 1.13 would be fine.

Great, thanks. I also saw it mentioned something about providers using custom firmware, can I confirm that wasn’t done with my 2gig panel in some way?


1.13 is a standard production firmware version. This video shows how to find the firmware version on the panel. You can confirm the exact version you have there.