DIY monitoring of 2GIG sensors

I bought a house with the vivint skypanel. I found the vivint doorbell, a 345 8 zone take-over module and a tilt sensor. There is likely more :slight_smile:

The skypanel used to receive the sensors’ information but it had been unceremoniously shut off (it complained about its battery and lack of subscription, etc.).

I like to monitor the sensors. I can do some coding, incl in C. And I am happy to do it myself of have a cloud & subscription free solution.

I got access to the vivint doorbell’s wifi video and enabled “telnet” on it (it runs linux). I assume the doorbell uses 2GIG to tell a panel/recipient that somebody has pressed the doorbell. My wife would like to hear a chime inside and I am not sure how long she has patience with me to trying to DIY.

I don’t know the 2GIG protocol. For example, in order to monitor the sensors, does a recipient need to register with them or are they broadcasting whenever there is some information? Which (SDR) USB stick should I use to intercept 2GIG?

Any insight much appreciated!

Welcome, we are always happy to help with questions regarding our supported equipment and services. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for incompatible or proprietary equipment for alternate dealers.

We cannot support the Sky Panel or the doorbell camera used with that system as they are not compatible with our services.

I understand. But can you comment on the workings of the “345 8 zone take-over module”? Is it still broadcasting when a hardwired door opens or closes (even though the “master panel” is switched off)?

Yes, as long as the TAKE-345 is powered on and wired up to the sensors, it is transmitting the open close status via 345 MHZ. The 345 sensors like the TAKE are broadcasting one way communication that the panel is programmed to listen to.