dismiss panel beeping remotely

Hi suretyDIY- I have a 2GIG GC2 panel. Is there any way to disable the panel’s notification beeping remotely? I have a low battery alert that has triggered the panel and I won’t be able to attend to it until next month. For example, how do snowbirds handle this if they aren’t able too get back to their panel any time soon? Thanks much. Cheers!

Remote trouble acknowledgement is supported, but it requires 1.17.3 firmware or higher for the 2GIG GC2 Panel. It looks like the current firmware is not high enough to support this.

Over the Air (OTA) Updates are available. When the firmware is updated via the cellular network, the OTA update can take anywhere from 3-12 hours to complete. Each OTA update over cellular incurs a $10.00 data charge. You would need one firmware push to get to a supported version. Should you wish to proceed, please submit your request to our team via the Secure Message Tool and we will provide instructions.

So, I have upgraded my system’s firmware and my mobile app is also updated to the latest ADC version. Due to a brief power outage, one of my keypads is disconnected how can I use “remote trouble acknowledgement” to stop the “beeping” while I’m away? Thanks!

Happy to help! You can find trouble alert settings by logging into the Alarm.com app and tapping the Security System card, tap the Gear Wheel, Trouble Beeps, tap Turn Off.

On the GC2, this will turn off trouble beeps for the current trouble condition for up to 7 days. New troubles will cause beeps as normal.