Disabling alarm by closing sensor that was set off

I was cleaning the windows in my house and began opening the window, I opened the window about 2 inches and the alarm started going off because I forgot I had it armed. I quickly closed the window and the siren stopped going off. I went over to the panel and it showed “Armed Stay” just as if an event never happened. I went over to recreate the problem again but it went off and stayed on.

Has anyone else had this issue? Seems pretty serious if a burglar were to open a door and quickly close it out of surprise only to not be detected at all.

I’ve never heard of that happening. We’ll have to check with Qolsys when they open on Monday. It might have been put in as a “feature”.

When did this occur? Did you receive a “Pending Alarm” notification for that zone?

I have been unable to replicate what you report, but I am awaiting word from Qolsys whether any setting could possibly cause this. There are a number of feature settings which alter the panel operation in some capacity.

Word is that there are no features that should cause this reaction at the panel.

I see some pending alarms in your history, but these may be attempts to replicate the scenario. Do you know what time and date this occurred (perhaps an hour ballpark time?)