Disable 2 devices temporarily

I am travelling and my wife and kids were awaken in the middle of the night to low battery notifications from the “Hallway Heat” and “Hallway Smoke” devices. The devices were taken down but the panel continues to send alerts. My wife and kids were up much of the night and it is imperative that they are not disturbed tonight by this. I will change the batteries this weekend and re-install the devices., at that point I will alert you to reactivate them. Does anyone know if I can do this easily away from my home?

Looks like this has already been sent and handled via a private message. Please see the private message thread.

Devices on a 2GIG panel can be deleted remotely by your provider, which would be best if they’ve been taken down and powered off anyway.

Current trouble alerts can be silenced remotely on the 2GIG panel, however they can recur, and with devices powered down you will start seeing supervision alerts as well.