Delete Sensor, Plunger Installation, Random Open

I need to know how to delete a sensor. also I am having trouble with 2gig plunger sensor installation. it doesn’t detect it when trying to learn code. and last my kitchen window sensor says its open at random times? any ideas why? I call and receive no help was told to submit this

To delete a sensor just change the sensor type to unused and disable supervision for that sensor.

2GIG doesn’t make plunger sensors. I assume you mean the iON Security Products plunger sensor? If you’re having trouble learning it in you can simply type the sensor’s ID into the sensor serial number field in System Configuration. Does the sensor have a TX-ID or serial number printed on it? It would be a 7 digit number, often printed with a - after the third number like 123-4567.

If your sensor is randomly showing as open it’s usually one of:

  1. The magnet is too far away from the sensor.
  2. It’s programmed with the wrong loop number. What model of sensor is it? I can tell you what loop number to use.
  3. It’s a defective sensor.