Delayed arm via iOS widget

Today I attempted to arm my system via the widget page on my iPhone at around 1p or so. I swiped away from the page thinking it was armed. About 5.5 hrs later while we were home and the system was not armed, the siren goes off, triggered by the motion detector. Upon inspecting the logs for my system it showed that the system was armed from my phone about 2 minutes earlier…which I did not do since I was actually using the phone at the time. Has anyone ever experienced such a delay in the sending of the command to arm from the phone? Obviously I probably should have confirmed that the alarm was set, but I didn’t think twice.

Any normal command would have (should have) timed out before then.

Looking into your history I do not see an earlier arming attempt.

Note in ADC if they receive your command it is logged in your history. The response from the panel is then logged to the same line later when it occurs.

The only arm command I see is right before the alarm.

This is something I would recommend testing a few times to see if you can recreate, but in general it looks like the original attempt did not reach ADC at all for whatever reason (if your phone was switching from wifi to LTE at the time, or was otherwise not online that could cause this).

I’ve never seen a single event register in this way, where the initial command reaching ADC is delayed like that. Is it possible that the widget was accidentally pressed? If not it could be a one-off issue with the cellular carrier forwarding.

Can you try arming and disarming a few times normally and let us know?

So I do suspect that it has/had to do with my device switching from WiFi to LTE as I typically arm with the widget as I’m pulling out of my driveway…as was the case this particular time. I’ve never had an issue with arming before (widget or otherwise), I just found it very odd. I know for a fact the widget arm button was not pressed when it armed just before the alarm went off. I’ll keep an eye out and report back, I just figured I’d share. Thanks for looking into this.