Defective battery?

I installed a new BATT2X in by GC2 panel in July. The panel has been reading low battery for the past couple months. Is this a defective battery?

I did experience a power outage of 48 hours several months ago. The battery kept the panel powered for about 20 hours or so. I’m not sure if this event is related to the ongoing low battery.


It should only take 24 hours or so for the battery to charge up, definitely not several months. I’ll discuss this with some others and get back to you on Monday. Just to be sure, did you acknowledge the low battery alert when it occurred several months ago, as shown in this video?

Thanks. Yes I did acknowledge the low battery alert when it occurred.

Have you rebooted the panel since then?

I have at times seen a low battery alert fail to resolve itself until the panel is fully rebooted. You can try sending a remote reboot command from your System Manager here.

Rebooting did the trick - so does that mean the battery is fine, the panel just wasn’t recognizing it as such?

Yep, if the alert doesn’t return that means the panel just wasn’t able to update the status previously. The battery itself should be good.

I’ve seen that status get stuck in circumstances when the panel is plugged in prior to the battery, and also after the battery is drained completely.