Deadbolts without external keypad

I’ll be installing my new system soon, and am having trouble locating deadbolt locks without an external keypad (or keyhole for that matter).

We have two deadbolts on each external door. One with a keyhole and one without. This allows us to lock the door when we are inside and no-one can gain entry, even with a key.

I’d like to take this a step further, and be able to lock/unlock BOTH deadbolts remotely (with phone or keyfob), but can’t seem to find a deadbolt product without a keypad…

I realize this introduces the risk that a malfunction (or loss of battery) could get me locked out. I think that risk is slim enough (especially with multiple doors) to proceed with the setup anyway.

I appreciate the help.


I don’t know of any remotely accessible door lock that doesn’t have either a keypad or a key cylinder. I think a key difficulty (no pun intended) would be with pairing it with a device in order to access it remotely.

That being said, we do offer a deadbolt that does not have a key cylinder. It does have a keypad on the front door that will be code protected, but won’t have a key cylinder that can be picked.