Dead TS1?

I recently acquired a second hand TS1 that I thought I would try adding it to my system. This new TS1 appears to be dead - when I apply power, I hear a faint “pop” from the speaker, but the screen does not illuminate nor do the home/emergency button lights. Is it just dead, or is there something else I can try? Thanks!

If you’re not getting any kind of response from it, it may be dead. I would definitely double check to make sure your + and - terminals on the transformer are wired to the correct terminals on the TS1. With any luck, you just had it wired up backwards and the device isn’t damaged.

Thanks Jay. I went back and tried reversing polarity just to be sure but no dice. I also tried re-flashing the firmware but the program would not recognize the keypad. I guess it’s truly dead - thanks for your help anyway.

Another potential option would be to use a multimeter and make sure the transformer is actually outputting 14VDC when it’s plugged in. It’s possible that it’s simply putting out enough juice to get the TS1 to turn on.

Thanks Jay - I put it on the transformer from my other (working) TS1 with the same result - it was worth a try though!